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Achieving Consistency

While many people with CFS and FM understand that staying within their limits would bring a higher quality of life, many find it difficult to do. 

The idea of doing a similar amount of activity each day and also taking similar amounts of rest seems unachievable and the rewards --having a more predictable life, a lower level of symptoms and an increased sense of control-- beyond reach. 

If you are in that situation, what can you do to increase your consistency in living within your limits? One way is to find support, whether it be a spouse, good friend, coach or groups like those offered by the ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Self-Help Program.

Pacing consistently involves replacing one set of habits and routines with a new set. Doing so takes patience, discipline and effort, but you can make it doable if you focus on one thing at a time from the strategies and techniques described in the next two pages.


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