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List Problems & Strategies

CFS and fibromyalgia have comprehensive effects, touching many parts of life and creating many challenges. They affect your ability to work, your relationships, your moods, your hopes and dreams for the future, and even your sense of who you are. But people with these conditions are resilient and find many ways to cope with CFS and FM.

What problems has CFS and/or FM created for you?  To give you an idea of what others say, here are some common responses given by people in the self-help program:  
  • Unrefreshing sleep  
  • Brain fog (cognitive problems)
  • Loss of self-esteem
  • Lack of understanding from others
  • Isolation, feeling alone
  • Depression and sense of hopelessness
  • Uncertainty about future
  • Loss of career
  • Medical problems besides CFS & FM
  • Guilt
  • Sensitivity to light, noise & weather changes
Coping Strategies
People with CFS and FM find ways to cope. Here are some of the strategies mentioned by people in the self-help program: 
  • Staying within my limits, pacing myself
  • Taking regular rests each day
  • Listening to my body
  • Getting support from my family
  • Getting support from other people with CFS & FM
  • Using medications for pain and sleep
  • Stretching and yoga
  • Using heat and massage
  • Changing my diet
  • Asking others for help
  • Avoiding stress and conflict
  • Avoiding certain people and situations
  • Turning inward, spirituality, prayer 
  • Laughter and other pleasurable activities
  • Counseling
  • Practicing relaxation and stress reduction



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