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Additional Treatments

The management of CFS and FM does not end with lifestyle change and symptomatic treatments. There are also supplements, advanced therapies and theoretical treatments.


First, some introductory comments. An old adage states, "An illness for which there are many treatments has no cure." The corollary is, "When there is no cure, there will be a multitude of treatments." The lack of a cure and the slow progress toward recovery can create desperation, which makes people vulnerable to the allure of unproven treatments.

For that reason, many succumb to misleading information about vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals and other treatments. If these treatments worked, everybody would be getting better. The truth is that for every person who improves with alternative therapies, there are thousands who have failed to respond/improve. Healing is a process that comes from within and does not require us to spend inordinate sums of money or indulge in false hope.

That said, the treatments described in this section may be helpful to some people with CFS and FM.

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