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Rate Your CFS/FM

The severity of CFS and fibromyalgia varies greatly. Some people’s lives are touched lightly, while others have their lives disrupted moderately and still others are housebound or even bedbound. The bottom line: each person's illness is different. To treat your condition effectively, you need to understand the severity of your CFS and/or FM.

You can get an overall idea of the severity of your CFS or FM by placing yourself on the Rating Scale below. Place yourself on the scale by answering the question "What is the highest level of functioning I can sustain without intensifying my symptoms?" Your rating gives you an idea of the severity of your illness and of the activity level your body can tolerate at present.
For example, if you rate yourself at 30 (the high end of the average for people when they begin the self-help program), the amount of activity your body can tolerate at present would be about two hours a day. Your rating also gives you a baseline you can use to compare with later on.
Remember: whatever your current rating, we have seen people improve from where you are. More than 80% of people improve when they use the integrated approach offered on this site.
                    ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Rating Scale
100 Fully recovered. Normal activity level with no symptoms.
90 Normal activity level with mild symptoms at times.
80 Near normal activity level with some symptoms.
70 Able to work full time but with difficulty. Mostly mild symptoms.
60 Able to do about 6-7 hours of work a day. Mostly mild to moderate symptoms.
50 Able to do about 4-5 hours a day of work or similar activity at home. Daily rests required. Symptoms mostly moderate.
40 Able to leave house up to 5 days a week. Moderate symptoms. Physically active 3-4 hours a day.
30 Leave house several times a week. Moderate to severe symptoms. Active 2-3 hours a day.
20 Leave house once or twice a week. Moderate to severe symptoms.
10 Leave house occasionally. Severe symptoms.
0 Bedridden. Unable to care for self.

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