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Most people with CFS and fibromyalgia experience cognitive problems. Often called "brain fog" or "fibro fog," the problems include being forgetful, feeling confused, difficulty concentrating, problems with word recall and the inability to speak clearly.

Cognitive problems have a variety of causes, including:

Being too active, living "outside energy envelope"
It’s hard to be alert when tired
Poor Sleep  
Some fog is created by not getting restorative sleep
Too much sensory information or info from multiple sources
Doing more than one task at the same time
Stress increases CFS/FM symptoms generally
Side effects include confusion and grogginess


Like the other major symptoms of CFS and fibro, brain fog is best addressed by using a combination of strategies and by developing new habits. You will find strategies for combatting fog on the next three pages. In addition, your efforts to control fatigue and poor sleep will help you control fog as well.

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