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Dr. Lapp's Message

There is no panacea, no magic potion for CFS and FM, but those who have overcome this illness invariably report that the techniques we will teach you helped them more than any pills or potions. 

I know that you’re looking for some treatment you can take tonight and tomorrow you’ll wake up refreshed and renewed. I’ve got to be honest with you. I’ve been treating people with CFS/FM since 1985 and there is no magic. 
I have polled those people who have overcome this illness and invariably they report that the techniques that Dr. Campbell and I will teach you on this website helped them more than any pills or potions. 
What you’ll find here is the combination of the Stepwise Approach I developed many years ago with Dr. Paul Cheney and the tools taught in Dr. Campbell’s classes. This is the same integrated approach I now use with my patients. We have found that with encouragement, lifestyle changes, and targeted medications, more than 80% of people we treat can improve significantly.
Let me be clear about your part. Your doctor can help you cope with CFS/FM, but your success in regaining control will likely depend more on what you do than on anything a doctor does for you.
Medical treatments can help alleviate the symptoms of CFS/FM and further reduce suffering by treating other medical problems, but the key to recovery in CFS/FM is acceptance of the illness and adaptation to it by means of lifestyle changes.
If you adopt what we teach you on this website --which will require discipline, courage and lots of patience-- you can overcome the CFS/FM dragon. You can regain control, instead of your condition controlling you!