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Success Stories
Two Special Anti-Depression Strategies
Depression can be a debilitating part of CFS and fibromyalgia, but its duration and severity may be lessened through planning, as shown by a woman who uses two special anti-depression strategies.
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Using Pacing to Control Relapses & Reduce Symptoms
How Kathy Mero used a set of pacing strategies to reduce relapses and live nearly symptom-free.
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Using Scheduled Rest to Prevent Symptoms
When I was first ill with CFS, I often experienced cycles of push and crash. I used rest to recover, but my life felt out of control. Then I discovered that I could use rest to prevent higher symptoms.
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Using Self-Management to Treat CFS
How a man from the UK experienced significant improvement using an approach similar to ours.
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Using Targets to Improve Health and Gain Control
A series of small steps leads to dramatic improvement.
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What Exercise Taught Me about CFS
By extending my exercise very gradually, as allowed by my body, I have returned now to a level of exercise equivalent to or perhaps even better than my pre-illness level.
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What Recovery Means to Me
If recovery means returning to the way of life I had before CFS, I have not recovered. But in other and to me equally significant ways, I have recovered. Even though I still have important limits, I have recovered control over my life that CFS had taken away.
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